Jaspers Pemberton cabins are situated on Brockman Street – guests need only take a leisurely stroll to enjoy some of the dining options both along Brockman Street (Pemberton’s high street) and the surrounding area. Sample the local wines, ciders and beers without having to worry about driving afterwards. In each cabin, we’ve listed all the local restaurants and cafes, including opening days, times and contact details.

Pemberton was chosen as the backdrop to the 2016 movie, Jasper Jones, for it’s timeless, character-filled street scape. For such a wonderfully quiet location, the day-time activities all seem to be designed to wear you out among some of WA’s most beautiful natural landscapes, then re-energise you with a plethora of seasonal delights and a surprisingly large selection of local wines, ciders and craft beers.


We have reserved car parking on site at Jaspers for guests and there is ample parking along Brockman Street.

Nearby Attractions

Pemberton Tramway

Gloucester National Park

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

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